adding cuda to old pc

I used to find add-on cards that would work with certain versions of cards. like the nvidia quadro 600… which i have… No where do i see in its features a cuda capability… tho 550 and 570 supposedly do support cuda. I’m planning on retireing this p4 northwood into full-time combined computeing… in a 3d grid as well as computeing… boinc will be used during idle times =D

Since it will probably be increaseingly difficult to find a cuda add-on card. And test it out. would just adding a pci version 7x series gpu from nvida. enable some type of unified Graphics Processing…

One that would also use the itel extream 2 on-baord as well?

If this were possible. I would probably have a really buggy, 3 / 4 processor system with one dedicated to Gfx.

General Information :
Type : Intel Pentium 4
Internal Specification : Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Codename : Northwood
Revision : D1
Technology : 0.13µ
CPU ID : F.2.9
CPU IDEx : F.2.9
Brand ID : 9
Microcode : MU0F292E

General Information :
Manufacturer : Nvidia Corp
Model : NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500
Bus Type : PCI
Texture Memory : 878 MB << :blink: :blink: >>
Processor : Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller << :blink: see other >> :blink:
Converter : Internal
Refresh Rate (min/max) : / Hz
Codename : NV34
Revision : B1
Bus : 128-bit
Memory Type : DDR
GPU Frequency : 293.62 MHz
Memory Frequency GPU : 432 MHz
Texels : 1300 MTexels/s
DirectX Support : 9.0
Pixel Shader Version : 2.0

:blink: this is a result of rivatuner i suspect, the onboard i assume now is dedicated mostly memory? or is tied in still to overall gfx side computations… I havent been able to determine which solidly…

:blink: :blink: This is 630mb directx and gl as set in riva tuner with forced sideband agp addressing. combineing shared with the nvidia 5500’s 128-bit ram I am able to achieve full 128-bit ddr in dual channel across the board… =D its sometimes buggy tho. And OC’s and kept mild.

bump?? >.<

An old pc is no problem, but you need an G8x or later GPU to run CUDA. Quadro FX 600 and Geforce 5500 FX are not supported.

There is a full list of supported GPUs here:…Guide_2.2.1.pdf