Adding grid server to an existing pool

I currently have a xenserver pool with approx 500 xendesktops running on 4 servers. I purchased an additional server with 2x k1 grids and I would like to add it to the pool. I would create a catalog of cad systems that I would assign to this server and allow my traditional systems to launch as needed on this server. When I add this to my pool, i lose the GPU tab on the server. Is this not possible? I would also like the benefit of using the same shared storage as the rest pool.

Ps the xenservers are all 6.2 sp1 and the xd is 5.5f1…(soon to be 7.6)

Are you patched with all the necessary hotfixes for both XenServer and any ones specifically needed for GRID support? What model server is this – a Dell,Supermicro, etc. – and dies it have all the BIOS/firmware patrches in place? Is it the same model as your first server? Are the servers properly synchronized to NTP in the pool? Do you see the K1s reported with nvidia-smi and at what point does the GPU disappear from XenCenter (are you running a new enough release of XenCenter)?

Its a dell 720 and so are the pool servers everything is fully patched. Outside of the pool it shows the gpu… It just doesnt when I add it to the pool. The rest of the pool servers are nongrid. Just wondering if it can work that way. ( a single grid in a pool of non grid servers)

Ah, I see – it’s because indeed the hardware is different and the pool expects the configuration to be uniform among all the servers. Frankly, I don’t think you’d want to run a pool like that. XenServer pools need to have a high degree of common hardware to be able to function properly. Is there a specific reason you do not want to keep the hosts separate?

I was planning on using the server to allow some of our current pooled XD use the resource. Not a big deal if I cant.

I have actually come across another issue though as stand alone. I will be crteating a new thread shortly to address it.

OK, sorry you are still having difficulties!

Note that I’ve removed the duplicate thread as Tobias has answered the original query here.