Adding metadata (frame information) into frame streamed by WebRTC

I’m building an AI server that runs on an NX Orin. It’s running OK and I used jetson-inference: jetson-inference/docs/ at master · dusty-nv/jetson-inference · GitHub
to stream video output into the browser.

However, now I want to send the metadata (detection/tracking information) along with the frame to the browser. Is there any way that I can add this information(like a JSON) into the frame and read it on the browser side?

Hi @manh.ntm3, I believe that WebRTC has the concept of ‘data channels’ that could theoretically be used to transport such metadata, however it is complex to integrate and the server-side WebRTC implementation that I use through GStreamer does not implement such protocols. Hence you would either need to transmit your metadata out-of-band to the client (i.e. via websockets) or use an alternate solution. DeepStream has a much more complete stack available for working with metadata for analytics via various message brokers like Kafka, Redis, ect.

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