Adding motion

I am pretty new to omniverse and Iam trying to learn about how to define motions for objects via python coding. One of the first things I will be trying to simulate would be a wind in the trees.
But further I will be developing a new app on top of omniverse.
There are some tutorials but none of them get to the action. They only get to the helloworld stage and go no further.
I need a step by step guid about how the extensions work and how they interact with objects and how to manipulate them with coding.

We are developing a series of tutorials demonstrating the extension development pprocess along with a series of examples. Right now, you can find the samples in with our extensions contest content, but, we will be providing those examples in a more digestible form in our standard documentation (soon). Watch for the workflow section to appear on

Extensions Contest (See Resources) Omniverse Contest for Developers | NVIDIA
Extension Contest Samples: GitHub - NVIDIA-Omniverse/extension-contest

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