Adding new nodes to Unity

Hi everyone!

The C# Isaac implementations within Unity are very well written. The documentation also gives low-level insights on how everything works together. It would be great though if there was a high-level step-by-step guide on how to add new nodes in the Unity-side, how to subscribe to messages, publish messages etc, since as of my understanding the C++ and Python guides (e.g. here ) are not applicable in Unity.
Is something like that planned?


A high-level tutorial or webinar is a good idea, thank you. I did not follow why the C++/Python codelet guides are not applicable under Unity exactly, however. Could you explain a bit more of what you mean?

Thank you for your answer.
The C++/Python codelets are, well, written in C++ and Python, while Unity is using C# as the interface. From the documentation and the code I understand, that the sample Unity-Project is using the C-API to communicate with the Isaac Engine. As I mentioned, low-level descriptions on how to use the C-API is provided but since Unity is a major part of the environment and most people probably want to use it and modify it (since as of now omniverse is only as a preview available) it would be great if there was a simple guide on how to add custom nodes to the Unity-side.
Currently you have to somehow understand the (still well written) code in Unity and manage not to oversee anything, and with luck your node will talk to isaac, which I unfortunately didn’t have :(. It’s not really productive and I eventually had to put Isaac to side and use my own communication framework, which I implemented with GRPC.