Adding packages to cygwin

I’m using the Windows version 10.1-0

What I’d like to do is add libexpat to cygwin so I can include it with my application. Unfortunately, all the cygwin documentation references setup.exe to manage packages. PGI apparently does not include this. What’s the best way to manage cygwin and install packages?

Hi benstein,

We ship parts of Cygwin, mainly for it’s UNIX tools, to make it easier for users to port applications from Linux to Windows. To add more functionality to Cygwin, you will need to install the full version from

However, the PGI compilers are native Windows compilers. So while the PGI Compilers and tools will still run fine under the full Cygwin environment, linking with Cygwin libraries does not always work. So if libexpat is a Cygwin compiled lib, it may or may not link properly with PGI compiled objects.

If you can find either the source or a Windows native library (such as a DLL), it would work better.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for all the info and recommendations. Knowing that a native library is preferable really does help.