Adding Support of OpenGL in OpenCV4Tegra

Hello Nvidia Experts,

I want to know steps to add support of OpenGL in OpenCV4Tegra or how can i run Imshow of opencv with Opengl to get performance …

I went through but it gives steps only for compiling Public Opencv with Opengl ON…

Any help is highly appreciated…

Hi Kapil,

I had messed up my OpenCV install on my TX1 and was noticing that I couldn’t get imshow to work with WINDOW_OPENGL windows. However when I asked about it here

the response seemed to indicate that OpenCV4Tegra is built with OpenGL support, meaning if you use WINDOW_OPENGL either with namedWindow or imshow and display a GpuMat (or whatever the device backed mats are called in OpenCV2) you should be taking advantage of any sort of performance benefits using OpenGL windows can provide.

After typing the above paragraph I notice that this post is a month old… so you’ve probably already sorted this out yourself, but I went through a similar thing a little while ago and though I’d chime in.

  • John