Adding V4L Imager to the L4T Kernel


we developed a new kernel module for the Raspberry Pi, adding support for a 3D Imager (irs1125).
The Jetsons would be particularly interesting with the way higher computing power and GPU cuda support.
Is there any open kernel repository, where we can hand in these changes in order to bring them into the L4T kernel?
Or how can I bring these changes to the L4T Kernel?

Thanks for your help!

I’ll suggest that you post this in the “projects” forum:

If you look at the Jetson downloads are, then you can perhaps find something of use:

Here are the URLs for “L4T” (“Linux for Tegra”) releases:

Each L4T release has a “driver package” (which performs flashes and has some utilities), while the “sample root filesystem” contains what actually gets flashed (after “sudo ./” adds files into the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” subdirectory of what would otherwise be just the sample rootfs):

The documentation for a given release of L4T will contain information on obtaining the kernel source and building it. As a shortcut, know that so far these are all 4.x series kernels, and the default starting configuration is from “make tegra_defconfig”.

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Hi @linuxdev ,

thanks for your quick reply.
I know that I can download the kernel source code, but my goal is to include these changes into the main l4t kernel to make it available for anyone without a manual installation process. That’s what we’ve done with the raspbian kernel and it works just fine.

Do you know how that is possible?

Thanks for your help!

I cannot say for sure, but if you’ve tested this on one of those kernels with a Jetson, then I would say posting in the projects would result in NVIDIA seeing this and responding. The “legacy” forum is for systems which stopped being developed many years ago.

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Ahh, totally misunderstood the forum. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!