Adding xt_multiport module to kernel build

Greetings NVIDIA team,

I’m super happy that y’all have built this product and even include Docker in the standard image. One thing that’s come out of my playing with the Jetson is that it doesn’t have the multiport kernel module. While I’m not above building the module myself, it’d be FANTASTIC if this were to be included in standard builds. Why? Well, things like k3s (GitHub - k3s-io/k3s: Lightweight Kubernetes) don’t function without it. I’d LOVE to use k3s or even k8s to do some things in my lab, but the lack of this module makes things challenging.

Below link have some experience for k3s.

Hi ShaneCCC,

Literally the post I used when requesting that the multiport module be added as part of the main build.


I found [url][/url], which shows how to recompile the kernel with the requisite options. However, it would be SUPER NICE if this was included by default, and not something that users had to worry about compiling.

Thanks for your finding. We need take time to collect the most popular feature to enable it.