Additional functionality of Optix Commercial

I couldn’t find any information on this, so here goes:
The release notes of Optix 3.5+ mention that “Optix Commercial” offers additional functionality.

  • What is this functionality exactly?
  • Does it involve Optix Prime (which is what I’m using)?

Before I start talking to people about licensing, it would be great to know what it’s actually all about.

thats what u get to know from the programing guide:

“OptiX Commercial includes a CPU-based Trbvh builder
that does not have the memory constraints, and an optional automatic
fallback to the CPU version when out of GPU memory.”

“Unlike OptiX, OptiX Prime’s design philosophy is to not hide or virtualize
computation or resource consumption. Thus, there is no automatic fallback to the
CPU acceleration structure build. Applications may catch the out-of-memory
condition and instead create a CPU-based RTPmodel. Alternatively, an application
may predict a likely out-of-memory condition and build the acceleration structure
on the CPU if the GPU would not have enough memory. OptiX Commercial
includes additional APIs for querying the amount of memory that will be used by
the finished acceleration structure and during rtpModelUpdate. Or the
prediction may be done using a rule of thumb based on the approximate number of
bytes per triangle being 196.”

Thanks, I must have missed that bit.

That is the list of commercial features for now. We will add more over time.

But the purpose of OptiX Commercial is not exclusive features; it’s appropriate licensing. If you’re shipping your application to external customers for profit you are required to obtain a commercial license. If you’re not, a commercial license is not needed.