Additional VS targets

Hello, when I add other targets to my VS 2013 vcxproj file I’m not able to start the Tegra Debugger any more. I get an “E_INVALIDARG” message box.

I figured out that when I sort the Tegra targets on top I can start the first, but not the second one.

Is there any solution for this? It would be very helpful to have all these targets in one project file.

Hi, can you please clarify what do you mean by “target”? Also, how do you start the debugging?

With targets I mean project configurations.

When I have two android configs (debug/release) with a “Tegra-Android” platform I can debug both by pressing the “Start new instance” menu entry.

But after adding another config (with a “Win32” platform) I get the error described above.

Hi, hartcode, please, try the 3.2 release and see if helps to solve issue. If not, please, attach the log files located at %AppData%\Roaming\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight Tegra\Logs along with extended Visual Studio version and a list of installed components\extensions.
Thanks in advance!