Adio2Face transfer does not work as expected

Hi, I have been testing this incredible software but I can’t get it to work properly.

This is the problem:

It may be a problem with my mesh. I am quite novice with 3d modeling software. I found this mesh on the internet, cut it and added the oral cavity.

I attach the usd file to reproduce the problem.

FAIL.usd (16.4 MB)

Thank you very much!

No problem, we will take a look at your file and get back to you. Thanks for sending.

Thank you for reporting the bug.
The source of the problem is because the automatic delta space calculation produce the wrong scale. This is a known issue and fixed, and is coming on the next path 2021.2.5
This happens when the parent transform of the target mesh is being scaled. (in this case I see it’s scaled to 100).
Until 2021.2.5 is available, there are 2 workaround that you can do:

  • Select this deltaBlend_space transform parented under the _result mesh, and scale it down using the scale tool.
  • Or, Reset the scale of your character to the original size before running mesh fitting (Optionally, you can scale Mark geos to match the scale of your character if you want to see them side by side). Then run the mesh fitting and postwrap like usual.

Please stay tuned for the next patch update :) Sorry for the inconvenience.

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The fix for this issue has been released.

Go here for more information and you should get this from the Launcher. (2021.2.5)