Adjust a panel variables using a standalone script

Hi, I want to adjust some parameters in the panel.
for example, please see the image below: physics demo.
Physics/particle Cloth/Pressure (“physxParticle:pressure”)

How can I change this via a standalone Python script?

My final purpose is to change many controllable parameters in any panel GUI, using a Standalone Python script.


i don’t work with particles much, but this should be the API you need for adjusting the particle cloth pressure - Core [omni.isaac.core] — isaac_sim 2023.1.0-rc.36 documentation

alternatively, most settings in OV can be changed via kit command. you can copy the python snippet if you were to use the Commands Util extension and cherry pick the commands used:


after a few cleanups after pasting into your IDE, you should end up with a snippet like below:

import omni.kit.commands
from pxr import Sdf, Usd


but i am sure the mods/devs will have more elegant solution to share.