ADMA error ; error -110 ; data timeout error ; buffer i/o error

Hello to everyone.

i don’t know what happened,but 9 / 10 times my jetson nano freezed on the nvidia logo and when it is able to boot further,you can see below how many kind of errors happens :

I have written again the image on a different sd card but I’ve got the same behavior. what can I do? anyway it’s not the first time that I get these errors. I saw them from the first time that I turned it on and each time several tries were necessary to boot ubuntu properly. At the end it has always been able to work properly,but this time it won’t.

Would you be able to provide a full boot log over serial console? It is difficult to look at just the errors without looking at what came before. See:

thanks. I found the reason by removing the case. the problem was that the sd card slot wasn’t able to make the double “clic” necessary for the ssd card to be read correctly. This 'cause the metal case was mounted bad. I wanna say that the jetson nano is a very delicate and fragile board in certain areas.