Adobe flash player for webinar participation.

How to pass the requirenments of[[YkdsdVpXZHliM1Z3TG1OdmJTOXRhWEpoTDExb2RIUndjem92TDNkbFltbHVZWEp6W1tMbk52Wm5S[[c2FXNWxaM0p2ZFhBdVkyOXRMMjFwY21FdltbXTE3ODgmc2VydmVyQWRkcmVzcz1ydG1wOi8vd2Vi[[aW5hcnMuc29mdGxpbmVncm91cC5jb206MTkzNS92aXJ0Y2xhc3MvJnNlc3Npb25JZD0mdXNlcklk[[PQ[[ to get to seminar?
Corresponding threads located:

Hi, the previous threads for pepperflash for TK1 were for 32-bit armhf/ARMv7. It looks like on Xenial aarch64, there is browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash package. Can you try:

sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash

Otherwise is it possible to view your webinar from an x86 machine with official Flash support?

@dusty_nv: Thank you for your reply. The webinar has passed. I have not had a chance to test if the method above does work. Chromium could turn out to have issues with flash player. In that case perhaps the specific version of Mozilla could be used:
Once verified I will update the thread.