Adobe Substance 3D Painter Omniverse Connector and Extension Updates

This topic contains information about all of the updates that we release for the Adobe Substance 3D Painter Connector + Extension.

Here’s a video that gives an overview of how it works:


We are pleased to announce the first version of the Substance 3D Painter Connector + Extension. The motivation behind this release is to provide creators with a way to interactively use Painter’s world leading 3D texturing and smart materials with USD meshes and MDL materials from Omniverse. The Substance 3D Painter Connector works in tandem with the Create Painter Live Link extension to provide real time visualization of painted meshes in Omniverse Create. The Painter Connector enables these features:

  • Features
    • Export the Painter mesh and texture sets as USD and MDL then open in Omniverse Create
    • Duplicate the Painter environment HDR in Create as a Dome Light
    • Live-update texture maps and materials in Create
    • Import a USD mesh that’s currently open in Create from Omniverse

102.1 Point Release

The emphasis for this release is on stability, bug fixes, and some light workflow improvement with the UI… we also love playing with the Create physics features while live-updating textures within a stage:

  • Features

    • Added a button that will toggle enabling/disabling of all live-link features.
    • Added a checkbox that allows a mesh to be imported from Omniverse using UDIMs (OM-44584)
    • Added busy indicators to the Painter Connector and Create Extension for feedback during long-running operations
  • Bug Fixes

    • Painter now rotates the folder that textures are written to to make GPU access in Create safer. (OM-46027)
    • Installer fails and pops up a dialog when Painter not installed (OM-47068)
    • Installer uses proper exception handling on file/directory access (OM-47002)
    • Installer will overwrite files in the plugin folder (OM-49033)
    • The Texture Settings dialog will not export textures if none of the properties were changed from their original
    • Nucleus folder will not be created if not requested by having “Copy Textures To Nucleus” on (OM-48623)
    • Added support for OpenColorIO color management projects (OM-48645)
      • Note: detailed color space support is not working, but exported maps will link up correctly with the Omniverse PBR material
    • Doc link from the extension manager, now includes a link to the documentation (OM-47530)
    • Settings - version renamed to Substance 3D Painter Settings - version (OM-47531)
    • Re-exporting a mesh from painter twice no longer crashes Create (OM-46084)
  • Changes

    • Local only workflow is supported. Base layer now maps paths locally when copy textures to nucleus is off. (OM-48689)
    • The text on button that allows user to select a directory is replaced with a folder icon.
    • Added an icon that indicates if exporting is taking place (OM-49002).
    • Added a button for force exporting all textures (OM-48696).
    • Updated http post protocol from version 1.0 to 1.1 to send local textures relative directory with post.

200.0 Release

We are excited to announce a new update to the Adobe Substance 3d Painter Connector & Extension!

The emphasis for this release is a redesigned UI for an improved user experience.

  • Features
    • User-defined texture export directory
    • Separate checkboxes for using and showing environment map
    • Menu bar containing import mesh command, export mesh and textures commands, and connection options
    • Status indicator that indicates when connector is idle, exporting, or if live-link is disabled
    • Save project dialog when importing mesh from Omniverse if project is unsaved
    • All settings are now accessible in a single spot- Adobe Substance 3d Painter. Submitting textures to Nucleus and browsing where in Nucleus will invoke the file browser in Create.

More details can be found in the link below.
Official Documentation

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201.0 Release

New releases for the Adobe Substance 3d Painter Connector & Extension are now available!


  • OM-62680: Ability to place mesh and textures in different Nucleus locations
  • OM-62679: Option to split Nucleus texture folders per texture set
  • OM-59366: Support for custom OmniPBR TextureSet (Packed) and OmniPBR TextureSet presets
  • OM-60824: Import Mesh Settings dialog with support for legacy UV tile workflow


  • OM-55200: Error dialog if mesh import from Omniverse Create fails
  • OM-61681: Error dialog if an invalid Mesh or Texture folder was provided in Connection Settings

More details can be found in the link below.
Official Documentation

202.0 Release

New releases for the Adobe Substance 3d Painter Connector & Extension are now available!


  • OM-67723: “Use Environment Map” and “Show” checkboxes work on initial mesh export to Omniverse Create


  • OM-66396: All pre-existing Dome Lights in stage are set to invisible when importing Environment map


  • OM-70473: “Create Materials” checkbox

More details can be found in the link below.
Official Documentation