Adv7280a-m eval board using with jetson nano

Hi, I want to convert analog video to digital video. So I purchased the Adv7280a-m eval board for this purpose. I installed the DVP eval software and connected the board, started running the script. Given the output of the eval board to jetson nano through MIPI-CSI-2 Interface. Then in Jetson Nano what I need to do in order to capture the video. I am new to both jetson nano and Adv7280a-m eval board.
Thanking you for the help.

You need to integrate the device tree and driver for it.
Just have a search in forum should have topic for reference.

I didn’t found any information. Would you give me steps to integrate the device tree and driver for it. Can I use adv7180 driver module which is present in kernel/drivers/media/i2c.

I just found this. But for TX2. You can check the programing guide to integrate it for Nano.

Thanks for the support. But I am new to writing device drivers and I have zero knowledge of it. The link you provided I checked it and I have two doubts.
1.It is for l4t_r21.5 but my jetpack kernel version is l4t_r32.5.1.Is it supported for it?
2.Is there any steps to solve the problem step by step? (Some easy steps such that anyone can understand it.)

Sorry, there’s no step by step information.
Check the programing guide to study it would be good.

Where i can get the programming guide.

Check the link again.

Okay thanks. Actually at that time. I didn’t get the link.Now i am able to open it.