I bought a custom board that uses adv7611 in the hdmi output path and adv 7481 to receive the sdi image… but when I use Jetson’s core products, I can’t get an image… Can you help me to get an image from the board?

How does Jetson receive the image. Your information too few to give suggestion.
If it relative to receive data from HDMI to CSI bride you need to implement driver for it.

The core is Jetson? What’s the interface to receive frame data?

core is tx2 ,Do you mean vi? If that’s it, then yes

OK, you can reference to tc358840.


Do clear your design.
Why camera connect to adv7481 instead of connect to Jetson CSI directly?

Because the output of our camera is sdi

Suppose you need consult with SDI to CSI bridge vendor to review the HW.
For the software you need to implement sensor driver for it.
Below is the link for sensor programing guide.

My problem was not solved, but thanks again for your answer

Here’s some bring up information. Maybe check the trace log.

I bought a carrier board with core nano, which is on the adv7611 and adv7481 carrier board. When I use the core itself, I have hdmi and sdi image output, but when I use other cores like xavier nx or tx2 nx, I have no image. I have this driver I compiled two ICs… but I have a problem in dts.

You may check the trace log to get more information.

As I already told in offline message, you need to check with the board vendor.

The board vendor is the one who made this carrier board.

Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t give me any information… That’s why I asked you… According to your expertise and experience, I thought you could help me…

But in general, thank you for your time

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