Advantage of using vi-i2c


Inside VI block, there is a dedicated i2c controller vi-i2c. Is there any advantage of using vi-i2c over other I2C buses to connect Image sensor?
As per our design, We are not using vi-i2c.


VI_I2C is connected directly to the Host1X bus. Theoretically, VI_I2C has less delay/lower latency than other general I2C. For use cases where imager control delay/latency is important then VI_I2C is preferred.

Okay Trumany. Thanks for clarifying.

Is MIPI CSI 1x1 configuration tested by Nvidia? We have raised a question on that. have not got any response yet.

Yes, CSI 1x1 is supported.

Thanks for your response.

We understand that CSI controller has three different configuration (1x4 / 2x2 / 2x4).

Setting Device tree parameters like Buswidth, numlanes, csiport, etc… should be sufficient or any explicit CSI configuration selection need to be done ?

Not sure about its advantages, But I do know one of its disadvantages.

If large burst writes over I2C are not part of your requirement you can use vi-i2c with no problems.