Advice for CUDA-Rig


Im planning on building a new CUDA system for work.
Atm I use only one gtx285 I already have but the system needs to be upgradable with a second gfx later on. Looking forward to Fermi i will fit in one of these as soon as they will be released just in time to aid our intergalatic fleet in battling the maaaad marsians :) (hurry, nvidia, hurry!)
Additionally I need another PCIe x8 for my 10 Gbit network adapter (Intel AT2; maybe I get a XFX nForce 780i SLI ?).
For this one it would be nice to have a motherboard which supports i/oat capable xeons. Without an onboard graphics I also need another PCIe x8 for a gfx dedicated for display only.
And of course I need a psu with 2x 6pin and 2x 8 pin connectors and watts to power both gfx.
RAM doesnt have to be anything special…

Maybe someone could give me an advice on a complete system according to these requirements for not more than 1k € (less is better oc)!
Thanks in advance!

I asked advice on a system with similar requirements (money wise at least), it should at least be an interesting thread for you to read.

I’m pretty sure you need more than 1k euros for a system that you are describing. Though I am curious what the costs of such a system would be. Ideally I want to have parts-lists for systems of several budgets.

You are right. 1k € is not enough. Actually I’m not limited to any budget but cheaper means I will get the system earlier. Currently I’m pointing at somewhat between 1.5k and 2k with the following components:

  • GTX480 as soon as it’s available (high power consumption and very loud but also very fast in CUDA apps) plus the GTX280 I already have (I can use two different cards for CUDA, right? Will get identical ones for better optimizing later on) (500 €)

  • Intel AT2 10 Gigabit Network Adapter supporting I/OAT (already have)

  • ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution (3 PCIe x16 for my 2 CUDA-cards and 2 PCIe x8 for the network adapter and sth else, nForce 200 onboard graphics for display, socket 1366 and X58 chipset) …sadly this motherboard doesn’t support the Xeons I would need to use I/OAT (300 €)

  • Kingston ValueRAM DIMM Kit 6GB PC3-8500U CL7 (DDR3-1066) (160 €)

  • i7 920 (or better a Xeon if I find a suitable motherboard :( ) (200 €)

  • Antec TruePower Quattro 1000 (1k Watts, 170 €)

  • Chenbro RM422 4U Rackmount Chassis (160 €)

all in all i would get a nice rig for about 1.4k € (hdd and second CUDA card not included)

What do you think about this system?

That board has no built in graphics capability. The nForce 200 chip is a PCI-e swtich, not a gpu.

Thanks for the correction! Now I know that i cant fit in all 3 graphics cards (2 CUDA cards and a additional one for display) plus my network adapter!