[Advice/Help] Setup/Configure SATA SSD w/ TX1

Just bought my Jetson TX1 Dev Kit and successfully installed JetPack for L4T 2.2.1. I’m brand new to this forum and to this platform in general. I would like to setup/configure a SATA SSD but have some questions I was hoping someone could answer to get me going in the right direction. I tried to do my due diligence in researching what i could but found very little directly covering setup/configuring of a SATA SSD w/ the TX1. A few people looked like they ran into some trouble so I was hoping there would be some good documentation or advice from those who have went through this process already.


1.) What is the model of SSD I should be ordering? (Can you provide a link)

2.) Is there any tutorials/documentation out there showing how to setup/configure an SSD w/ the TX1?

3.) What is the best way to dedicate “configure” the use of this SSD? Do I use it as separate drive for storying data files, programs, applications and so on or configure it differently?

For 1), TX1 SATA is compliant with specification rev.3.1, standard SATA device will be workable. You can find SSD device online, such as below link:

There’s nothing specific in Jetson for a SATA device. Just use it following Linux procedure.


Thank you for your quick responses. Will this SSD https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-850-EVO-2-5-Inch-MZ-75E250B/dp/B00OAJ412U be compliant as I have some of them already? Lastly, do you provide procedures on reflashing the TX1?

I have ordered the same SSD like regnar86 mentioned. I am curious to know whether it will work out. My assumption as long it’s SATA drive and you have the right connector it should work.

Reflashing TX1 or upgrade the Jetpack can be found here :

Download the install guide, it will tell you step by step how to flash it (put it recovery, etc). I was successfully flashed it and installed some examples by following the install guide