Advice on using numba & tensorrt on Jetson nano


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I have to use a package called numba on Jetson nano. Under arm, the package is only available via conda but unfortunately, tensorrt is not available there. I tried building numba from source but to do so it requires python3.7. I tried installing python3.7 but tensorrt is not available there. Could someone support me on what I can do? is it possible to build tensorrt from source under conda4aarch64? or is there a way to get conda4aarch64 to use the already available tensorrt?

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TensorRT Version:
GPU Type: Jetson Nano
Jetpack: 4.6.2
Python Version: 3.6
PyTorch Version: 1.10


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Hi @mohamedA95, others may be able to share their feedback about building numba or using conda, however the l4t-ml container comes with numba pre-installed (along with PyTorch and TensorRT). In the Dockerfile, numba was built for Python 3.6 on JetPack 4.x

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Hi, @dusty_nv Thanks a lot for your response I did not know that I can use docker containers on the nano. This is helpful and saves time.

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