AE Title mismatch for custom pipeline

Hey team,

I did the CTRecon example in the docs and got that successfully working.
I then created my own custom pipeline which looks in a folder for a .dcm image and applies some analysis to it.

I dockerised that application and created my own pipeline.

- name: all-the-steps
    description: This operator takes in a DCM image and then performs all the steps
      image: <aws.ECR.URL>/dicom2arr
      tag: latest
    - path: /input
    - path: /output

apart from the I have three more lines above declaring the version, name and operator tag. Only 1 operator.

The pipeline gets created successfully and i add it to the pipeline-mappings: in dicom-server-config.yaml

- name: my-classification-pipeline
    clara-ae-title: TillClassify
    pipeline-id: 41875bfa-35f3-4e27-95bc-f8aca59c3682

also to the dicom -> scp -> ae-titles section i.e. ae-title: TillClassify

I run storescp on port 1004 (like CTRecon)
when I send an external storescu request it says the AE-title Not Recognised.

Am i doing something wrong?

Thank you!