After 5sec the Xavier started up pcie loses power

I am using a HDMI Video Capture connected to the pcie port of my Xavier.
When I start up the Xavier ,the Capture turns on ,but about 5 sec later it loses it`s power.

None of this kind of problem happens before yesterday.
I have been use the same Xavier and Capture for about a year.

I would like to know is there any way to do the reconnect to the pcie after the Xavier starts up, and for this kind of problem what should I check for?

If it works well all along and software has not been changed, seems like a hardware issue. Can you try other device to check it is fail on Jetson or your device?

If they were not connected then everything is fine.
each of the capture and jetson works alone.
and I have just find out that if something made by metal nearby then the problem shows up.

A serial console boot log might not help, but I suspect you won’t be able to get anywhere without that. Serial console should show logging even before the Linux kernel loads.