After adapting imx585 dol2 mode on orin nano, capturing raw images using nvargus_nvraw failed

After loading the driver normally, using nvargus_nvraw to capture dol2 mode raw image, there is a problem as shown in the following figure, what is the problem caused by it?
Screenshot from 2023-09-22 (179.7 KB)

Does argus_camera working well?

Yes,argus_camera runs properly.

Could you check the daemon log if more clue.


How do I check daemon log on orin nano?

Check below link.

This is the trace log I captured. Can you tell what the problem is?
trace.txt (2.5 MB)

Did you boost the clocks to try?
Check the same link in my previous link should able know how to boost the clocks.


I have tried to raise the clock, but the result is still the same as before, with the same error.

hello FAN666,

please examine all of available sensors and their modes, $ nvargus_nvraw --lps

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