After carrier power on at emc initialize fail

Our board after power on sequence finish and module provide carrier power on signal then use flshing at Developer kit module ,but it fail at emc initialize step ,we can’t understand what happen , about ID EEPROM need flash or not , If need do you have code provide

From others post, the next steps should be

emc initialized
clk_dt initialized
avfs_ccplex_platform initialized
tj_max: dt node not found
tj_init initialized
uphy_mrq_init: mrq handler registered
uphy_dt initialized
uphy initialized

We don’t see the “emc initialized” on our board, what will cause this phenomenon ?

hello Tony_Li,

could you please share the whole bootloader messages for reference,
BTW, may I also know the topic-id of your “other” post.

I have the other topic to ask what happen , this is the same issue, the post message is from Jetson_Xavier_Developer_Kit

Please help to confirm fail at what device - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums

hello Tony_Li,

so, this is a duplicate issue.
let’s stay on Topic 164801 for issue tracking.