After connectX-3 model for windows server

I have been using the EOL model MCX-353A-FCBT for many years.
MCX-353A-FCBT was used for data transmission through IB mode in a Windows server 2019 environment.
Currently, the MCX-353A-FCBT has been discontinued and a successor model is being considered.
We are considering a version after the ConnectX-5 model, but it is questionable whether it can be used while maintaining the existing interface in Windows server 2019.
For example, I wonder whether tools such as OPENSM will be implemented in Windows server 2019 in the same way as the existing ConnectX-3.
Currently, our software is optimized for the Windows server 2019 environment, so it is difficult to apply it using any method other than the OPENSM method.
I would like to ask for advice from seniors in the forum.