After flash the Xavier,mouse and keyboard can not work!

After flash the Xavier, I boot it. The screen shows i need agree the licenses, but i plug in my mouse and keyboard they both dont work. Can somebody help me ?

do you use usb hub? with external power? without power?
are you connecting to usb-c port? usb 3 port? to both ports?

I have tried eSATA port and usb-c port. They both can not work. And i use usb hub for type c port without external power, is the external power necessary?

External power is not required for keyboards/mice, but it is a traditional debug step to see if power delivery is the issue. In the case of higher power draw items like USB cameras external power often becomes a requirement and not just a debug step.

Switching HUBs and also trying direct to connector is one way of testing if signal quality is at issue…different devices sometimes have better or worse signal quality.

The best way to proceed would be to use either ssh (if it works) or serial console to see what dmesg logs are showing. When the micro-B USB cable connects Jetson to host there will be a serial port which shows up on the host PC (watch “dmesg --follow” as you insert the USB cable). A serial terminal program (e.g., minicom or gtkterm) can connect to this via settings 115200 8N1.

Hi, linuxdev:
Thanks for your replay. It’s my fault that i add i2c driver make the usb i2c disable. Jetpack 4.2 no problem.