After Gst-nvv4l2decoder, I want to uploade the video to the server(gst-rtsp-server)

the server is gst-rtsp-server.
I want to upload to the server using RTSP stream。

Is there a ready-made example?
Which deepstream5.0 plug-in should I refer to?

Do you mean to push stream to gst-rtsp-server? There is already implementation in deepstream-app sample codes, it a gstreamer application level implementation, but not a plugin. The details can be found in create_udpsink_bin() function in /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-5.0/sources/apps/apps-common/src/deepstream_sink_bin.c

There are also reference codes in GStreamer.

But now my nx is the server. I want to push stream to anther computer.Have you got anything special in mind?
Thank u,Chen

Yes. The sample is exactly the case. If you read gstreamer RTSP document carefully, you may understand it. gst-rtsp-server set up RTSP server agency in your NX board, and the RTP payload is generated and push to this RTSP server agency. The NX board is the server, the board should generate the stream and send stream through server agency. This is the whole behavior of the RTSP server.
Stream Video using Gstreamer RTSP Server. | by Pratik Mungekar | Medium