After intall Jetpack3.1 ,the usb and fan cannot be connected.

After intall the system and software,the usb and fan cannot be connected.
The ‘’ cannot work and notifies that : ‘Can’t access Fan!’ and the ‘lsusb’ has no reply.I use the Jetpake3.1 yesterday on TX2.
Can anyone have same problem,and Does anyone know how to fix it?

Hi Jiao2304,

The USB can FAN are works on JetPack3.1/TX2.
Could you try JetPack3.0 to check usb and fan function?


Hi Jiao2304,

Can USB and FAN work with JetPack3.1 now?
Any further information can be shared?



The USB and FAN have worked,I use the JetPack3.0 on my tx2.

Thank you very much.

The FAN can’t work on my tx2 custom board with JetPack 3.0,and notifies that : ‘Can’t access Fan!’.
How do you resolved it ?

For me the issue was that when I flashed the Jetson to JetPack 3.1 I had a SD card installed. Some how the Jeston was failing to read from the debug file system. Re-flashing the Jetson without the SD allowed the fan to start and returned USB control.