After l4t 35.3 upgrade, Orin starts suspending involutarily

After upgrading from l4t 35.2 to 35.3 today, my AGX Orin Devkit started involuntarily suspending after a certain amount of time. This is during active usage.
The last details I saw in the UART console were the following:

[ 2420.923312] Trying to unregister non-registered hwtime source
tegra_clks_suspend_early done
suspended vdd_core @ 950000uV
��spe entering sc7
tegra_clks_suspend done
fmon_suspend done
t234_adc_suspend done
WAKE_MASK[31:0]  = 0x21000100
WAKE_MASK[63:32] = 0x0
WAKE_MASK[95:64] = 0x1ff200
TIER0[31:0]      = 0x0
TIER0[63:32]     = 0x0
TIER0[95:64]     = 0x0
TIER1[31:0]      = 0x0
TIER1[63:32]     = 0x0
TIER1[95:64]     = 0x0
TIER2[31:0]      = 0x21000100
TIER2[63:32]     = 0x0
TIER2[95:64]     = 0xff200

Other than reverting to 35.2, is there a way I can disable this auto-suspend behavior?


Does this require to use a command to trigger or it just happened by itself? Do you have full log to share?

Actually; it looks like this was an issue with only partially removing ubuntu-desktop (at some time prior to the upgrade) and not updating default systemd target (user error); after completing the additional steps:

> sudo systemctl disable gdm3
> sudo systemctl set-default
> sudo apt remove --purge ubuntu-desktop gdm3

It seems the system is no longer suspending automatically. My only guess is that the dist-upgrade may have (re)-enabled a possible ubuntu builtin auto-suspend feature (because I had rebooted the system previously many times without triggering this auto-suspend).

Anyway, sorry for the false alarm.
This can be closed now.

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