After NVEnc pause, the clock decreases, and cannot be restored

We have built a real-time stream distribution program. When there is no receiver connection, we choose to pause sending the image to the encoder to save power, wait for a new receiver to connected, and then send the image to the encoder and restore real-time stream.

But every time the video frame is paused for a period of time (about a few seconds), the encoding becomes very slow when it is sent again. I noticed through GPU-Z that the clock frequency of the GPU and memory cannot be increased.

I think the graphics card may have entered energy-saving mode and cannot be changed out. Is there any way to put the graphics card into performance mode?


Pause and Restore:

Restarting the encoder should be feasible, but the startup process of the encoder takes a long time (about 200 milliseconds), which makes the delay wave dynamic for our program too large.

GPU Info:

Hi gao.jiangjie
Can you please provide a reproducer with exact steps for us to reproduce this issue internally and investigate further? Thanks.