After rebooting, modified files, deleted trash files automatically recovered @ jetson nano

Hi, everyone. After rebooting, modified/removed or every changing files automatically recovered. Cannot change codes in file because it is restored after rebooting

Not sure what you mean about some of the details, but what do you see from “ls -ld filename”, where “filename” is the name of any file? Also, if that file is in a particular directory, then you could do the same thing for the directory itself…e.g., if “filename” is in “/home/ubuntu/tmp/”, then:
ls -ld /home/ubuntu/tmp

What is it you want to do with those files? Delete them?

Sorry that I don’t understand the problem either. Do you mean, for example, you add one line in A.txt first and that line disappears after you reboot the device?

exactly, right

If you monitor “dmesg --follow”, and save to some file which fails, is there any log output? Also, if you run command “sync” prior to shutdown, then does reboot save previously failing content?

Also, how full is the filesystem? What do you see from “df -H -T”?

Besides @linuxdev’s question, could you also tell us if you are using pure software from jetpack?

Pure software means you only install it without doing any extra configuration in kernel or something like boot from nvme/usb drive.