After some time, Nano stops booting

It’s not the first time I’m facing this issue and I would like to fix it before the solution I intend to use my Nano in is deployed.

I would install JetPack 4.2 and proceed to install several computer vision libraries on it, including OpenCV, in order to develop my project. Sooner or later, the Nano will stop booting, instead hanging for an indefinite amount of time on the first screen that shows the nVidia logo. In some cases, it will start doing so after a regular reboot of the system, so I don’t think it’s something specific that I do within the system that causes this behavior.

The only way I’ve found out to fix the boot hangup is a clean reinstall. Is there any way to prevent it to begin with?

This is a really wild guess, but over time you might be doing something which uses more power, and the Nano is a bit sensitive to power issues. Do you have another power supply with more power delivery ability you can try? Preferably via the barrel jack since it is able to send more power to the Nano.

Please upgrade to rel-32.4.3 and see if you still have such issue.

I use a 5V/4A power supply through the barrel jack, but it’s a direct transformer scheme, which might indeed cause power issues due to lack of any kind of stabilizing mechanisms. I’ll try to see if I have a more stable power supply that can deliver 20W of power. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ll try to build a working environment on a 4.4 JetPack, but it will take some time to confirm if the issue is gone, thanks.

And you need to share the boot up log from serial console to let other people know what error log did you see.

The reason I used 4.2 to begin with was because of this error I encountered on 4.3 and have just reproduced on an out-of-the-box JetPack 4.4. To this day there’s no reply to the post I linked.

Could you file a new topic for this spi issue for jetpack4.4 again?

As for current issue, please share the serial console log. Thanks.

Yes, I’ll open a new thread with this issue.