After switching to text mode, monitor goes off

I have the following problem for months now: When I switch to text mode from X, for example with Ctrl-Alt-F3, the monitor simply goes off/black. (It says “No signal” and the power LED turns from green to yellow). If I cycle back to the X console, for example with Alt-Cursor-Right, the monitor comes back to life, including X. (The system boots well into text mode before switching to X.)
I tried with different kernel versions (3.8, 3.9, 3.10), different nvidia driver versions (313, 319, 325, 330…). I also tried different Linux distributions for example plain vanilla ubuntu 13.04 PLUS the 313 driver, or a current gentoo.
The nouveau driver is definitely disabled, as well as all other kernel video (framebuffer) drivers.
The graphics card is a Quadro K2000 or K2000D (same problem).
Mainboard: Commell LV-67K (QM77 Chipset, Secure Core Tiano BIOS).
I was in contact with the manufacturer (Commell), he says it’s the graphics card’s or driver’s fault. It would be very helpful if someone could point me in the right direction how to solve this problem - which is very very annoying - or give me a proof/strong argument that it’s the board’s/BIOS’ fault. Unfortunately I have no possibility yet to try a different mainboard with the same chipset but different BIOS (Kontron for example).

Thank you very much for any hints!

  • Bernhard