After the Jetson nx driver is installed, T265 is plugged into a usb port and the realsense-viewer command cannot identify the device

Hello, I have a technical question for you. The board I bought is Jetson nx, and the firmware written is

JetPack  SDK  4.5.1 & have spent   ubuntu18.04 Does this firmware support usb3.0? The board I bought has 4 usb ports, I don’t know which one is USB 3.0. I don’t know if the firmware version of the burn has any effect on usb

You can check Jetson Xavier NX - if you’re using devkit or you may need to contact with the vendor to get the support to confirm it.

If this is the dev kit, then at least one of the USB ports supports USB3. Some trivia you might want to be aware of is that earlier USB, from 1.0 through 2.0, had all of the controller features in a single controller chip. When USB3 came out the controller became dedicated to USB3.x only. Then, on a USB3 capable port, detection of device capabilities causes routing to either the legacy controller or the USB3 controller. If the device is not USB3-capable, or if the signal quality is insufficient, or if the device tree is incorrect (which sets up lane routing and is part of what you’d call “firmware”), then one or both of the USB modes would fail.

To see what capabilities you have, combined with where devices actually route, you can look at the tree mode of lsusb:
lsusb -t

Note that lines ending with “480M” are 480 Mbit/s, which is USB2. Lines ending in 5000M are USB 3.0 (or USB3.1 gen. 1). Lines ending with 10000M are USB3.1 gen. 2, and lines ending less than 480M are going to be either USB1.0 or USB1.1.

If you see a 5000M root HUB, and you have a device known to be USB3, then it is possible that the firmware is not correct for that carrier board, but it is also quite common that a less perfect signal quality will cause routing to the legacy USB controller.

If your Jetson NX is an NVIDIA developer kit, then the NVIDIA flash software would be correct. If this is a third party carrier board, then sometimes the NVIDIA software will work, but that depends on their carrier board being an exact electrical layout match to the dev kit; sometimes they are an exact match, but much more often the layout will differ.

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