After update to Jetpack 5.02 Gnome Terminal doesn't open anymore

I successfully updated my Jetson Xavier NX to Jetpack 5.02 on a NVME SSD using SDKManager, but after booting the Jetson up into the desktop and clicking the Terminal icon nothing happens.

All other apps that I tried work (such as FireFox, the Software Updater and Settings tool), but the Terminal doesn’t start when trying to open it (not via the desktop icon nor via the right click menu option).

I can get into a terminal via the CTRL-ALT_F3 method, but that seems a bit of a stretch to do on a desktop system.

The behavior stays even after reboots and updates, so I’m not sure what is exactly wrong. And I’m not a Linux expert!

Does anybody have any tips and/or tricks to resolve this issue?

Found the solution on “How to Fix Ubuntu Can't Open the Terminal Issue - Make Tech Easier

For me it was the option to rebuild the locale via “sudo locale-gen --purge” in a recovery shell.

Hope others find this webpage as useful as me!

Glad to know issue fixed and thanks for your sharing!

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