AGX-8GB,can't attach to phy

I copied the ethernet design of P2822_B02_Concept_schematics,but can’t work.UART printed “net eth0: Failed to reset MAC” when start up.Following are UART printing and dmesg.Anyone can help me.
dmesg.txt (69.4 KB)
开机打印.log (28.2 KB)

Hi, the message might mean your design has problem. Please compare to ethernet part design of P2822 carefully. Or you can contact with PHY vendor to check if your custom design is correct.

Yes,I check my schematic and PCB,and the ethernet design is the same as P2822_B02_Concept_schematics.

If you think it is same to reference, but still fail, then there must be some issues in your design. Then you can check if your phy chip follows the power on sequence/setting as requested by phy data sheet and can power on correctly or not. If can’t, you can try to find out difference and eliminate.

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