AGX brings down existing machine CAN bus when plugged in

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Software Version
DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.6
DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.0
DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.0 and DriveWorks 3.5
NVIDIA DRIVE™ Software 10.0 (Linux)
NVIDIA DRIVE™ Software 9.0 (Linux)
other DRIVE OS version

Target Operating System

Hardware Platform
NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Xavier DevKit (E3550)
NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Pegasus DevKit (E3550)

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Host Machine Version
native Ubuntu 18.04


The Pegasus seems to bring down my entire vehicle CAN bus network causing all controllers/nodes drop and bus failure. This happens as soon as we connect either CAN2 or CAN6 (which are shared by both Aurix and Xaviers) to the vehicle bus.

Other CAN channels like CAN1,3,4 and 5 (Aurix CANs) have NO issue at all.

please note only physical connection, no application/software has been running on the Drive yet.

any suggestion or thoughts? Thank you.

Hi @JustinCNHi,

Please see if information in the below topic helps.

Thank you for your quick responding. I will go thought the topic you suggested.

However, to me, the issue is not related to any CAN configuration or software. The vehicle CAN is down as soon as we connect the CAN2 (socket can0) on DB9 CAN1&2 or the CAN6 (socket can1) on DB9 CAN6&4. If we connect any of CAN1,3,4,and 5 (easycan), the vehicle CAN bus is OK,

CAN 2 and 6 have different pins for high/low (as below).
Could you help to check why both connecting CAN 2 and 6 can cause the canbus issue?

We have double checked the CAN High/Low, termination, or any short or loss connection on all wires/cables. Everything is fine.

Is it possible that SocketCAN can NOT handle high bus load? Our vehicle bus already has lots of messages transmitted and bus load is high.
I am in middle of setting up a bench simulation to try out. Thank you.

Did you mean you changed the H/L pins before connecting to “CAN 1&2” or “CAN 6&4” DB9 connectors?
Could you try with a lower load?

just to clarify… We are using Pin7 and Pin2 for CAN6 (CAN 6&4 DB9) for high and low respectively. and Pin8 and Pin1 for CAN2 high and low.

I am in process of testing low busload, and will post the result later.

May I know what kind of simulation using CAN-based devices you’re setting up for? What AV stack does the simulation use? Thanks.

Basically, it is an hardware in loop simulation with few vehicle ECUs and CAN box.

what we have found out is that… the second Pegasus we bought has NO issue at all. Both EasyCANs and Socket CANs worked on the bench setup (even the bus load ramps up to 100%), then we installed it on vehicle and it works.

The question becomes why the first Pegasus has the Socket CAN issue. we are still investigating…

Thanks for keeping us updated.
Are there any suspicious messages when the issue happens?