AGX cannot be displayed

With the AGX carrier board designed by ourselves, the system can start normally, but occasionally the display cannot work.

Attached is our printed information.

AGX.log (107.6 KB)


  1. Does same monitor work fine if using devkit?

  2. Do you also try other kind of monitor/cable?

  3. Does hotplug case can bypass the error if you boot up the device without connecting anything?


Thank you for your reply.

1.The monitor and AGX module are normal.

2.I have tried other brands of monitors, the same phenomenon.

3.I don't know what errors caused the monitor to fail to work. When plugging in 
   the monitor and unplugging the monitor, I tested the Hot Swap signal and it was 


Sorry that I feel you might not get the point. The answer seems not what I expected. So let me ask you again.
抱歉, 我想你可能沒有搞懂我的問題. 你的回答似乎跟我想問的有點落差. 在這裡再問你一次

  1. 請問這個螢幕在NV devkit底板上能否正常工作

  2. 請問如果開機時都不接螢幕. 一直到開進kernel之後才接上螢幕(hotplug) 此時螢幕會不會出現畫面?

另外想請問你有沒有根據你的底板去改動device tree?
also, I would like to know if you changed the device tree according to your board design?


1.The monitor works properly on the NV devkit board
2.When the device is powered on, connect it to the display, the monitor can work
If the monitor is plugged in before it is turned on, there is a chance that the
monitor will not work.
3.We have modified the device tree, but the display part is not modified.

Looking forward to your reply.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.


如果這個螢幕在devkit上能正常運作的話, 會傾向這比較像是底板設計上有問題,

可以請你提供一下display這部份, 在你的底板設計跟devkit上有何差異嗎?

另外想請問, 你有測試過其他版本的jetapck嗎 比方說jetpack4.6.

----Eng version

If this monitor can work fine on devkit but failed on your board, this seems a hardware design problem.
Could you provide the diff between your carrier and devkit in display part?

Also, did you try other version of jetpack? For example, jetpack4.6?

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