AGX development kit cannot boot normally after using ADK manager?

Hello! I saw that jetpack 4.6 has been updated recently. After I successfully used the SDK manager to flash, I cannot enter the configuration page. The screen is always black and only one cursor is flashing. How can I solve this problem?

hello 18272077327,

had you confirmed from the SDKManger side to ensure the flash process has complete?
please setup serial console via port J501 to gather bootloader messages for the details, thanks

Please take a look

log.txt (33.2 KB)

hello 18272077327,

did you use an external stage device?, an NVMe?
for example,

[0005.548] I> ########## NVME (0) boot ##########
[0005.548] I> Initializing nvme device instance 0
[0005.549] I> Initializing nvme controller

please refer to Flashing to an NVMe Drive manually set up an NVMe drive for booting.

I have installed nvme ssd in the device. However, before the flashing system is installed in emmc by default, I did not set to flash the system into the nvme ssd, will this also affect it? There was no such problem before.

Jetpack4.6.1 by default set nvme boot priority higher than emmc. Thus, you can modify the cbo.dts and change the boot priority.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. Then I should be able to boot by removing the ssd, right?

yes, you shall boot into emmc when ssd is removed.

thank you

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