AGX Entpoint mode Ethernet IF over PCIe x86 Driver


Because of similar needs, we checked the past information, and luckily found the tvnet Driver for x86 in the link below, and the test confirmed that it can work normally.

But this Driver is provided in 2020, and it doesn’t look like the official Release Driver. I would like to ask if there is an update for this Driver or the location of the official Release for download?

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Jack Lan

I will ty to find the owner of that driver to see if able to have the update.

Hi Kayccc

Sorry , this question have any update?

Best Regards
Jack Lan

The author is OOTO now, wil get back to you after he is back.

I am using the driver as well. I also am interested in an update if available.

Also from a version control standpoint, is there a version associated with this release? I didn’t see any mention in any of the enclosed files.


Update from internal team:
The driver was provided from release 32.x, it can compile with x86 kernel. It was sample driver, there is no update in the driver.
So customer can use the attached driver in old thread.

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