AGX hangs when connected to USB SSD

I have been trying to transfer data from a Samsung T5 USB SSD to a xavier but the GUI hangs when transfer is initiated. The same problem happens on using command line interface. To make sure that the problem is not specific to this one SSD, I tried with a SSD-PE128U3-BK from Buffalo and it hangs again. However, transfers were smooth using another old spinning type USB hard drive from Buffalo. I am not transferring large amounts of data (< 100 MB). How to solve this problem?

I had a hunch that on initiating data transfer, the SSD suddenly demands a lot of transient current which the Jetson is unable to deliver, so I connected the drives to a powered USB hub, but this doesn’t solve the issue. Please help!

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You’ll probably need to log from a serial console (which survives more failure conditions and puts the log on the host PC so the failure doesn’t stop the log), run “dmesg --follow” from the serial console while logging, and then trigger the failure. Some information should be added doing this. The supplied micro-B USB cable should work for that purpose (this is the port which supplies serial console).

Also, before you start, you might want to post the output of commands “lsusb” and “lsblk -f”. This would be with the device connected. Beware that the “lsblk -f” might also trigger a lockup. Thus this would also be best run under a serial console which is logging to the host PC.

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