AGX Industrial RTC high current consumption

We are using Xavier Industrial for our application with Jetpack 5.1.2. We are seeing a current consumption of from the RTC battery 400uA when in power-off state.
We saw similar posts in the forum from couple of years ago, is there a solution yet?

Thanks in Advance.

No, it is still typical 418uA and could up to 683uA as you can see in the data sheet. You can consider external RTC device if necessary.

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The JAXi datasheet does not show an input current. It mentions an output current rating matching the values you provided. Can you confirm the input current?

What do you mean “input current”? That “output” in DS is right the current consumption of RTC part of Xavier.

The note states, “To charge supercap/battery” indicating the current rating for charging the supercap/battery (output). The value I’m interested in is the RTC power consumption when sourcing from the supercap/battery (input).

That is what I shared.

No. What you quoted was the VCC_RTC - Output (charging current). See attached image. The VCC_RTC - Input current is still unknown and not quoted in the documentaiton.

Again, the power consumption of RTC working on JAXi is typical 418uA. That is what you want.

Okay… so what is the charging current for the supercap/battery?

You can find below info in the same module datasheet:

The backup cells must provide a voltage in the range 2.5V to 3.5V. These will be charged with a constant current, and a constant voltage charger that can be configured between 2.5V and 3.5V (constant voltage) output and 50 uA to 800 uA (constant current).

The JAX(i) datasheet) does not mention that number. Can you point me to a page and table number?

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