AGX module not powering up in OEM product

I programmed an AGX module with Linux in a dev kit and tested it out. I also verifed a linux login on uart1 via the RasPi connection - I get a linux login prompt.

We removed the module/carrier from the dev kit and plugged it into our board. After power up, nothing coming out of uart1 or 2 header on the carrier. Module drawing 220mA at 12V.

We’ve checked a few pins - CARRIER_POWER_ON is high after power on. We didnt’ wire forced recovery to our system - it is pulled high in the GPU, correct?

Any other things we can check on our carrier?


I wrote a startup script that saved thd kernel logs after each boot. The board is coming up ok - there’s just nothing on uart1. The uart signal passes from the Jetson to our main carrier and then out to a debug board with the peripheral headers. We missed something. Thanks.

You mean the system can boot up? Please share the log for check. Did you probe the UART1 pins with oscilloscope? Is there any signals coming out?

Thanks. Yes, system can start up OK per the log I looked at an nothing really interesting. The console login processes are started, just like on the dev board. Nothing coming on on UART1 TX line, but as I said, it makes hops from the Jetson to our main board and then out to the debug port board connectors.

We are leaving CTS/RTS floating on our system. I got login prompts on the dev kit with flow control off. Could the CTS/RTS need to set before the login process with transmit the prompt?



This got fixed this morning. The power control subsystem was bringing the Xavier out of reset before the Xavier’s power good signal was asserted.