AGX Module Not Turning On and Overheating

I need your help with an issue I’ve encountered with my NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module. It was working perfectly on a custom carrier board, but suddenly, it stopped turning on and began overheating. I’ve tested the same carrier board with other AGX modules and it works flawlessly, indicating that the issue is specific to this module.

Hello @andres,

Maybe the fan was disabled, Have you seen this guide: Fan Profile Control


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Does the “not turning on” mean even the power LED is not up?

Yes, that’s correct. The “not turning on” means that even the power LED is not lighting up. The module fails to set the CARRIER_POWER_ON signal high, which keeps the LED from turning on. The only observable symptom is the module’s overheating.

Hi, it looks like module failure caused by component broken. You can run RMA for it.

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