AGX Orin 32GB RTC Battery Problem


We are trying to use a 3V battery on our custom carrier board. We set the RTC configuration in our kernel defconfig. That’s why, we do not need to do anything to be able to use RTC battery. After the RTC battery connected on it, the system can keep the time.


We have flashed JetPack-5.1.1 to AGX Orin 32GB and AGX Orin 64GB modules and tested them. Here is our test procedure:

  • After the RTC battery mounted on the carrier board, power it on
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to receive the internet time
  • Once the time updated automatically, unplug the Ethernet cable
  • Poweroff the system and wait at least 10 seconds
  • Power it on again and check the time is still updated

When we followed these steps with AGX Orin 64GB module, the system is working as expected. However, the AGX Orin 32GB does not boot at the last step. When the module stucked in this situation, there is nothing to printed in its debug UART. It looks like the bootloader is not working as well. It can boot up when we unplug the RTC battery and power it up again.

Is there anything that we can inspect the root cause of this issue?


Hi mehmetdeniz,

May I know if you could reproduce the same issue on the devkit?
Or it is the issue specific to your custom carrier board since it can boot up after unplugging RTC battery?

It’s hard for us to debug w/o any serial console log from SW side.

Have you checked the if the power is expected at this moment from HW side?

It looks like a similar issue to this one: How to install an RTC battery on the Jetson Orin Nano, which was solved with a new custom carrier board.

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