AGX Orin Capture Kart Driver Problem


I am using AGX Orin 32 GB module and custom carrier board.
Below is the link of the carrier board I used.

I also use the M2-SDI converter called CN312S. The link of the product is below

My problem is this:
When installing the driver for this product
insmod: ERROR: Failed to add module cn312s.ko: Invalid parameters
i am getting an error like this

dmesg | tail

[ 716.910122] cn312s: disagree about version of
v4l2_device_disconnect symbol
[ 716.910333] cn312s: Unknown symbol v4l2_device_disconnect (err
[ 716.910525] cn312s: disagree about version of v4l2_device_register
[ 716.910726] cn312s: Unknown symbol v4l2_device_register (err -22)
[ 716.910939] cn312s: disagree about version of __video_register_device symbol
[ 716.911159] cn312s: Unknown symbol __video_register_device (err
[ 716.911762] cn312s: disagree about version of
v4l2_device_unregister symbol
[ 716.912976] cn312s: Unknown symbol v4l2_device_unregister (err
[ 716.914030] cn312s: disagree about the version of the
video_device_release_empty symbol
[ 716.915652] cn312s: Unknown symbol video_device_release_empty (err -22)

How can I resolve this error?
I have the kernel source codes of the carrier board I use

Since I am a novice in these matters, I would be very pleased if you could write the solution you will explain in detail.

Is this kernel module built out based on the same kernel version as the kernel running on orin?

Yes, the driver given to me was written for Orin

No, I mean did you every build it by yourself?

I am using this driver file for Orin
I ınstalled from documentations but ı get error like a above

Suggest to contact with vendor to get the support. Thanks

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