AGX Orin cold boot GPIO pulse

I’m using a custom carrier board that has GPIOs connected to the following pins on the Orin:

  • PA.01 (DAP6_DOUT)
  • PA.02 (DAP6_DIN)
  • PH.00 (SOC_GPIO21)

Every time during a cold boot there is a 4-5ms 3.3V pulse on all these pins. Is there a way to prevent this?

I have tried adjusting the MB1 pinmux to set the default state of the pins to be output low, but this happens after the pulse. I verified by making the pins output high.

Hi, there is no external design on these pins on module. Did you see this on other pad of same group? These pins are supplied by 1.8V rail on module. Is there any other design on these pins on your board?

These pins go through a 1.8V to 3.3V level shifter. Is a pulse like this be expected to come from the AGX on a cold boot? Is there anything we can try to disable this behaviour in software?

Can you confirm if this is caused by 3.3v supply of level shift or not? We did not get such report before.

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