AGX Orin CSI port banding problem

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Hello All,
What is the port-index mapping of CSI in AGX Orin that can be used in device tree? we’d like to bring up 4 CPHY sensor,each sensor has 4 virtual channels.
Are the above mappings correct?
The first three were fine in the test,but the last one: (CSI6,CSI7)—port-index<6>-----“serial_g”,Not working properly.After modifying the device tree according to the preceding configuration, the system fails to start.I see that in the device tree of e3333, port index is 5, which can be started up normally but cannot obtain image data after modification as suggested.

The port-index in tegra-capture-vi{} scope is 5 and in the nvcsi@15a00000{} is 6

I found a few related posts. Will port6 and port7 work in version R35.1?

it works fine

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